Playing with risk

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Wonderful, inspiring, provocative photo. It is a three-path problem. FIRST: the parents. Yes, we should play with our kids in parks, forests and gardens using simple things, not toys brought from home. SECOND: the school. Yes, they should let kids play in the soil with sticks and stones but here comes the problem of responsibility in case of an accident. THIRD: the city and playground investment. It is a problem extremely difficult to be solved out by all of us, mainly the city officials. We all agree that something must change in the philosophy of children's education and PLAY but will it? Is it possible at all? PLAYING means LEARNING. Learning should mean also playing. All togeter means EDUCATION.

Is it only the European Union that forces us to make the world less dangerous? Somehow we like it - it is nicer to live in the safe world. Forest, park, garden - sooooo many dangers all around..., sooooo many children have passed away for ages because of this kind of danger. It seems the civilization means "no danger=safe life". Is it really true? Really achievable? Really sensful? Is it our idea, the Europeans? When will it change? We all somehow create all these regulations... All the new playgrounds must me approved, certificated etc. Creative playgrounds are considered to be dangerous and therefore they are officially forbidden (in Poland). They must be executed as artistic initiatives but there is always a problem: who takes the responsibility after breaking a leg? Many "communities" seem to loose their ability to solve it but no wonder... If they really lost it, they are not community anymore, they are just a group of people.

Creative playgrounds - yes, they are dangerous in official sense, which is good for children's spiritual growth. We all seem to miss them... All of these new approved playgrounds tend to be extremely "safe" to get rid of ANY responsibility in case of breaking leg. I remember once in a village a child was dead because of a swing's pole. This is why during such invstment people are crazy about the safety. So the playgrounds tend to be LESS dangerous physically, at the same time LESS creative and MORE dangerous psychically, spiritually. It all comes to a wonderfull sentences od Lady Allen of Hurtwood ("Recreation: Junkyard Playgrounds" 1965*): IT IS BETTER TO RISK A BROKEN LEG THAN A BROKEN SPIRIT. A LEG CAN ALWAYS MEND. SPIRIT MAY NOT. But no official wants to take responsibility for this risk. That's the problem.