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Yesterday we had a meeting with a very inspiring, creative and talented person, Ewa Wasilewska. We've been co-operating for two years now - time to celebrate it...

Ewa gave us the idea of another word-puzzle, which is FEETEEN. The word became a junction of our two ideas: Wrolka (which is published in another post "WROLKA...") and FEETIN'STREET. In fact youngsters are salt in urban space. Usually they give much taste and take away the calm. And this is not about biological teens per age but psychological youngsters as well - young by heart.

So it came to our mind that FEETEEN STREET is the best phrase to describe one of the teenagers' roles in urban space. This does not concern only open public spaces but covered as well (e.g. shopping centers). The point is teens mainly walk if they don't take public transport. Usually they don't have cars (unless they are DINKS) so they walk. Usually they don't have money (unless they are DINKS) so they don't take public transport (unless they stowe away). They frequently use little wheels to moveon faster: skateboards, rolleskates, foot-scooters etc. Not only at nights while coming back from pubs you can see lots of teens feeting - walking, standing, wundering, grouping, riding, pushing or pulling anything with wheels. They sit if they don't want to stand almost totally regardless of sidewalk surface surprises.

So we have to admit these are teens (both biological and psychological) who make the urban public space vibrant. On the other hand these are teens for whom it's worth designing good feetin' surface - not only but surely also.

to be continued...

Ulica Szewska                Pasaż Grunwaldzki                    Plac Dominikański
Szewska Street            Grunwaldzki Shopping Center    Dominikański Square
students waiting           college students                        kids on foot-scooters
for lectures                    learning for exams                    in the most hated surface
Wroclaw, Poland            Wroclaw, Poland                        Wroclaw, Poland
photo Ewa Sromek       photo Anna Rumińska                photo Anna Rumińska