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CT-ET'ng / Ceating / CT-eating / City Eating / Eating in the City

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Do you like eating in the citiy? We do:) So here are some of our visual or verbal afterthought concerning this special sort of urban activity... BTW we don't mean only formal eating in restaurant gardens. We focus here ALSO on informal eating beyond any restaurants, bistros, cafe. Why...? Because.... this is informal CT-ET'ng that makes the city vibrant!
 Ice cream, wafer rolls and muffins. Anything to drink? Coffee, juices, milk shakes or just pure water. This is what spins the urban public spaces. So difficult to guess? No... You just listen to yourself and explore the city, observe the people around. You will need something more - not only sweets, but dry food as well: corn cobs, french fries, bread, vegies, whatever... OK, to be continued a bit later otherwise you will go mad:P

Here we are in the Coffee Square, a little nice cafe in the corner of Piłsudski St and Świdnicka St in Wrocław [vrotzlove], Poland.
Photo credit: Anna Rumińska Archiwum eMSA Inicjatywa Edukacyjna
More photos - here.
Photoes of Wrocław Market Square gastronomical gardens - here.

Ingenius organisation of three urban activities in Ghent, Belgium: 1) urban market near the church (7-1pm), 2) rapid and thorough cleaning (1-1.45pm), 3) restaurant outdoor gardens (since 2pm). Perfectly joint in one day, one after another, no conflicts, no unnecessary doings or words, just work and fun.

To be continued.