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przesilenie zimowe

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Polish Christmas means MUSHROOMS.

Why? Because long, long time ago, in pre-christian times tribes in Slavic region held this special night-dinner in Poland called "wigilia" = the night BEFORE the important event [say VIGHILIA]. It was dedicated only to otherworld creatures, mostly evil and harmful ones. The dinner was supposed to make them happy so they would leave the hosts in peace for the rest of the year. "Wigilia" was then a very important dinner for ghosts and demons and thus had to obey some certain rules in order to make it as much effective as possible. The basic aim was to achieve spiritual connection with ghosts and satisfy the demons:

1. The food had to be typical for the demon-areas: forests, rivers, lakes, mountain areas etc. This is Slavic geomancy - we are genetically afraid of these places. Suitable products: mushrooms, fish, berries, forest fruits etc.

2. The food was to be served in totally opposite ways than regularly every day. Example: dried and sauer / sauer craut or sauer beet root (you know borsch?)

3. There had be served so called "transition operators" - the certain sort of food transmitting spirits between Earth world and the otherworld. Examples: honey, poppy seeds.

Later on christianity came into the Slavic region and incorporated these customs calling them different way of course. This tradition shows the deep and often unaware level of incorporation of pre-christian Slavic culture in christian culture. These are so called pagan beliefs but these are christians who called them like that. They are our Slavic heritage however. And that's why we have this certain kind of food for Wigilia = Christmas dinner in Poland and Eastern Europe held December 24. Next day the new year was to begin... but it's another story....