intergenerational integration

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Left: Ferrara, Italy / Photo credit: Anna Rumińska Archiwum eMSA Inicjatywa Edukacyjna

Some squares are occupied by youngsters and seniors. But not all of them. Here in Ferrara, Italy, it is a great example of <intergenerational integration>. In some places in the USA seniors avoid squares used by youngsters, they are afraid of them, while in some places in Italy they co-exist by one another with no harm. In Poland it happens quite often that seniors' activities are in conflicts with kids' activities, e.g. seniors can't stand playing football - loud sound of a hitting ball is tough for older people. However little kids and teenagers (adults as well, but they rarely remember of it) really need sport very much and every day. It is very difficult to resolve this problem. In order to do it, one has to use special items protecting against the
noise of the hitting ball - pitch nets, aqustic screens, aqustic isolation of the pitch turf, rubber or tartan pitch floor etc.

Non-recreational public spaces, simple urban squares and plazas need another sort of proceedings.
To be continued.