granica okna / window border

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Since ages windows have been magic and medium place - border between internal and external world, between private and public, the zone of entrance for possible danger (a whole in a wall in fact). Not only Slavic beliefs were very strict about windows (they are still strict but often not conscious). This is why people cover windows with curtains, not wanting others and foreigners to look into their private world (not in all countries however!). That's why people put flowers on window desks - officially for decoration, but each decoration has its magic reasons. That's why people put candles in windows to protect themselves against demons or just to show the way to the lost traveller (to asign friendly attitude). That's why people hand lots of bells and other mobiles and "decorations" (protective elements in fact).

Flowers for instance had once special meaning and that's why in villages you can see very certain species of plants in window pots, like Crassula aborescens (Silver dollar plant) in Poland also called holy tree (boże drzewko) or happiness tree (drzewko szczęścia). Another special plant is Murthus communis (True myrtle) in Poland called mirt and - as in ancient Greece and Rome - used for flower chains for maidens during First Holy Communion.

People also asign windows to show their beliefs and practice - religious and no-religious. During Christmas you can see a lot of signs in windows. You can see them also during Body of Christ holy day (Corpus Christi). People put holy pictures in windows, flowers, decorative fabrics or small symbolic carpets, and often pictures of ex-pope John Paul II, plus flags of Poland and Vatican City.

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